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What center are you apply to cook at?
Full Name
Phone Number
Complete Address with City and Zip Code
Date of Birth
Click all that apply
I have a High School Diploma or GED
I have a current CPR card
I have a current food handlers license
When is the best time to call you
Do you have experience cooking for more than 10 people? If so, explain
Give an example of a lunch menu that you believe would be best for a 3 year old
Are you able to stand on your feet and be active for 7 hours a day?
Are you comfortable with technology such as a tablet?
To work in a child care facility, you must pass a background check. Is there anything on your background that may come up? If so, please explain.
In order to do a background check, please provide the following
State Licensed Identification Number: (Driver’s License)
What State was your Identification from
Complete Social Security Number
Eye Color
Hair Color
City and State of Birth
Do you have children that would attend the child care center? Please give their names and date of birth

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